What SRE does for the Property Owner

Inspections Include: checking smoke detectors, to see if there is any issues that need to be address or damage to the property. 
Exterior: looking for any issues or damage to property. Checking lawn care.
SRE representative will always show the property - no key will be given out.
SRE will promote the available propertie as soon as possible. Pictures, information, & prices will be listed online.
Every tenant is responsible for the application process (Application: Credit check, previouse rental history, and criminal background). 
Paperwork: Lease, Renewals, Collections, & Eviction will be processed by SRE.
Tenant will contact a SRE representive with any concerns or issues with the property or rent/bills/charges/etc.
An SRE representive will do a move out inspection as soon as the previous tenant has turned keys into the office. Once the move out inspection is completed an SRE representitive will contact the owner regarding maintenance repairs. Turnover repairs will include maintenance checks (smoke detectors, a/c filters, blinds, and small maintenance issues), cleaning of the property, and carpet cleaning.
The tenants can pay online. Quick and easy access.