Disclosure of Application Process

I/We hereby authorize Shaw Real Estate, LLC to verify my/our credit history, employment/income, criminal background, eviction screen, and previous rental and housing information. It is understood that this information will determine my/our acceptance for rental with Shaw Real Estate, LLC

Disclosure of Landlord


When showing you and assisting you in leasing a property, the agent and firm will represent the LANDLORD.


If the applicant is a full-time college student, a co-signer will be required to guarantee performance of the lease. Otherwise, a co-signer may be allowed (at the owner’s discretion) only if an applicant does not meet the income requirements. Co-signer fee is an additional $60.00 per applicant.

Rental History

Previous and/or current housing information will be obtained from previous and/or current landlord or Mortgage Company. References should reflect the applicant’s ability and willingness to comply with lease terms and community guidelines. Any money judgment or collection from an apartment community within the past three (3) years will disqualify an applicant.

Criminal Background

A criminal background check will be run on all occupants over the age of 18. Application rejection will occur for any of the following reasons, including but not limited to: felony conviction, misdemeanor, active probation status or any active status as well as any sexual related convictions.

Eviction Search

An eviction screen will be run nationally.

Credit History

Each applicant must have an acceptable credit report with no judgments, collections, or charged off accounts within the past twelve (12) months. Credit history should positively reflect the applicant’s ability and willingness to make payments as required by the lease. Exceptions may be allowed for medical bills and student loans.


No more than two (2) persons per bedroom and no more than three (3) unrelated persons are allowed in a dwelling. It is an ordinance within city limits no more than three unrelated persons may occupy a dwelling.


A non-refundable application fee of $60.00 is required per applicant.


I understand that I must pay a security deposit in certified funds equal to one months rent within (24) hours of approval of application. I am aware that I have (72) hours to cancel this application from the date the security deposit is paid. If I decide I do not want to rent this property and cancel my application, I must call Shaw Real Estate, LLC within (72) Updated 6/27/08 hours of the date my application is accepted in order to receive my full deposit back. If I fail to notify Shaw Real Estate, LLC within (72) hours and still wish to cancel my application, I understand I will be refunded my security deposit minus a $250 holding fee.

Rental Application & Credit Report Authorization

Residence History - Past 3 Years

Employment Information

Bank & Credit References


In case of emergency, list nearest relative to contact:

I am applying to lease the above-described premises for the term specified and the conditions as set forth in an N.C.R.L.lease. I agree to pay with this application a non-refundable application fee of $60.00 (cash or check) $60.00 (credit card) to cover credit report, rental reference, employment and income verification. I agree to pay the entire security deposit with certified funds within 24 hours after acceptance. If I do not pay the security deposit within 24 hours, the property will no longer be held for me. I understand that I have 72 hours to change my mind with no penalty. After this period has expired, I will receive my security deposit back minus a $250.00 holding fee. I AUTHORIZE SHAW REAL ESTATE TO ORDER MY CREDIT REPORT, CREDIT CHECK FOR THE PURPOSE: OF REAL ESTATE RENTAL. You can email to /disclosure-and-rental-application.